Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Beginnings

We've found a home! We came across a sweet little house 2 weeks older craftsman style home, and instantly fell in love. Now all we have to do is finish packing, and wait until the current tenant moves out..there is a lot of work to be done to this house...painting, replacing blinds, and general tlc and love to be done. But I'm excited to blog about the whole process! Till next week when the adventure begins!


I love this couple's home! I have to say they reflect my style to a T! I can't wait to use the inspiration I got from their postings to decorate my new house!

Beauties I've recently bought for the new Dayal home

memories of home

Monday, June 20, 2011

Homeless but hopeful

Nandish just walked into the room and found me staring blankly at my computer screen. "Watcha doing?" he asked. I told him I was trying to figure out where to start writing in my blog after deserting the poor thing over a year now. Too much has happened in the past year for me try and play catch up on everything, which is part of the reason why I haven't written in a year.I've been overwhelmed by life and all it's demands, and have forgotten how important it is for me to take a moment to try and jot down all the beautiful happenings in my life. And as I tried to figure out where to begin, feeling a bit overwhelmed, my husband brought me down to earth again (which is why he's good for me) and said "start with where we are right at this moment, which is homeless (he said this while smiling sweetly) and take your readers through this adventure we're going through right now." Good idea. So I will start with that. We are homeless..haha..that sounds so sad. It's not that sad...well I would call more trying...A major time of patience and endurance. You see when we first moved into the California Street house ( My little cottage with all the charm of an older home) the house where a month before we moved in when I was seven months pregnant with Amelia, I painted each and every room, including the kitchen cabinets, crown molding, base boards, doors, etc. Nandish starting getting little bites/welts all over his arms. We thought it might be poisen oak or poisen ivy from working in the garden. But he kept getting new bites everyday. About three months later he discovered a small black bug in our bed, about the size of a tick. Caught it, put it in a ziplock bag, and researched it on the internet and discovered it was a bed bug. Looong story short..we had an infestation of bed bugs. Our land lord had had a problem with these horrible pests before we had moved in, but had fumigated and thought he had gotten rid of the problem. Apparently he hadn't and we all found out in the process that it takes many of these fumigations over many months to get rid of all of them. So in a rush we moved to my sister's house to stay until we could find a new house. So after only five months of being in our darling California Street home, we are on the search for a new home once again. I am sad that I will be leaving the home I put so much love and thought into, but I'm also excited and hopeful about being able to put love into a new home. I hope that whoever moves into this home will appreciate the work I put into it. It makes me smile to think of that.
So on to new adventures and a new home!