Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Best

I love husband would probably be surprised at me saying this, because usually at the end of a Sunday day, I'm falling down tired....what with being up at the crack of dawn (well 6:00 to be exact) to get myself as well as my two-year-old ready to leave for church by 8:45, followed by family activities all day, all while chasing after an active two-year-old....But I do love church, the visiting of people, the lessons, the encouragement...but also one of my favorite things about Sundays is the fact that I get to dress on this day like no other day of the week. I absolutely love dressing up....if I could I would dress like a movie star out of 1940's romantic movie, every day of the week. But unfortunately I can't wear my high waisted pencil skirt, my blue cardigan with the white embroidered flowers, and my cute red peep toed pumps, while chasing a two year old around in circles, giving baths and changing diapers settle for the one day a week...Sunday...when I can make believe that I am Rita Hayworth..and I can dress as feminine and as fashionable as I want. I still have to chase around my two-year-old..I still go a million miles an hour all day...but for one day...for the sake of fashion and make's worth every minute.